To augment our skills in graphic design, we have an amazing and experienced team. Each team member resonates with the core purpose of Galactic-Graphics.  These fantastic people are ready to facilitate for you.


Beth SimonFounder, Web-Master & Graphic DesignerLarry LansbroughWordsmith & Film ProductionsDerek BallAudio, Music & Video Productions




Beth Simon

Founder, Web-Master and Graphic Designer


 I bring over 25 years of an extensive background in visual merchandising and staging presence in retail visual management, plus 15 years of graphic design. In the workplace, I have brought my clients’ visions to life.


Some of the companies I have worked with include: Frederick’s of Hollywood, Dillard's Department Stores, Best Products, Mervyn's Department Stores Burlington Coat Factory and The Ranch Stores


I put my talents in graphic designs, floor plans, and visual merchandising techniques to work. Then I take ideas and concepts and turn them into dynamic experiences that resonate core concepts, beliefs and the energetic overlays of my clients.


I utilize ideas to transform them into vivid images, which provides the mediums that truly represent you, your vision and mission.


Most recently, I have also gone deeper than this, as I profoundly value my studies and practice Quantum Evolutions, Facilitators of Consciousness and Vibrational Healing.


All of this adds up to a keen awareness—and the skill—to help you inspire people to call them to action.


Body of Work:

Video Production


FanPage Memes


Current Websites



Larry Lansbrough

Wordsmith & Film Productions

Academy Award-nominated & Emmy-winning documentary film maker

The Book: The Simple Key to Great Presentations


Larry is the author of The Simple Key to Great Presentations: how to create and deliver powerful presentations, even if you’re not a great speaker.


In addition to his public speaking work, Larry coaches and consults organizations and individuals who need to improve their presentations.


Over the years has created hundreds of presentations live events as well as film and video.


Awards for his film work include an Academy Award nomination and an Emmy.


Dream People of the Amazon

Larry brings his audiences an inspiring message from the Achuar people of the Amazon rain forest in southeastern Ecuador. The Achuar are still living a traditional life deeply connected with nature, but they are also using ingenious strategies to deal with the pressures and threats of the modern world. Larry’s presentation includes selected scenes from his documentary film “Dream People of the Amazon.”



Derek Ball

Audio & Video Production


Derek has a total of 17 years of musical experience. He has performed in marching bands, symphonic bands, jazz bands, percussion groups, metal bands, rock bands, country bands, as well as blues and funk bands. He has participated in performance, composition and touring playing at various clubs, venues and arenas during his 6 years of experience in the band Surrealism. His accomplishments include performing at countless jazz gigs including wedding recitals, corporate parties, public venue picnics, holiday parties, private parties, orchestral plays such as Fiddler on the Roof. In addition to the more traditional applications and studies of music he has participated in performance, composition and touring playing at various clubs, venues and arenas during his 6 years of experience in the band Surrealism. In terms of instrumental experience, he has 5 years of study in orchestral and marching style trumpet, 5 years of baritone and euphonium training in the same fields, 8 years of jazz training for electric bass guitar and 3 years of upright bass in jazz and classical modalities.


Completing a long period of performance and study including a myriad of musical instruments, Derek has come to understand that his musical talents have extended beyond conventional performance into the realm of creative composition.